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Join in the Great Eastern March, there will be lots going on throughout the day, including our 'EU Lecture Lounge' which, due to popular demand is a ticketed event. Tickets cost £20 each and will go on sale shortly. Our previous events have been very popular and we know tickets will be in great demand, so if you would like to reserve yours, simply complete the form below.

 Hello and thank you for stopping by at the Suffolk EU Alliance site. Be it by purpose or chance, finding a sanctuary of like minded people that offers information and contact opportunities is often really helpful.

The Alliance is still quite new, formed due to the national EU Referendum vote back in June 2016, hence, if you wonder how come you have not found us before, worry not as we only launched in the Winter of 2016/17. Be assured that you will soon be up to speed and it's for certain that we are glad to welcome you - however you might have voted on the day!

Over the next few pages you will learn just what it is that the Alliance is all about, how it works and importantly how it looks to educate and challenge, whilst supporting its members at all times.

This Alliance is a voluntary experience. If you wish to join us that's great and if you wish to get more involved all the better.

May we all remain understanding and accommodating at this time.

Kindest wishes

Jules Ewart

Chair to the Suffolk EU Remain Alliance

Suffolk EU Alliance

Suffolk EU Alliance – Promoting the values of remaining as a member of the EU

As a cross-party initiative for East Anglia, looking at the many EU issues including information on local impact, economic challenges, educational exchanges and (tactical) electoral support for pro EU candidates.  

The Alliance looks to welcome, gather and have the capabilities to get hold of as many pro EU voters/residents/businesses as is possible in order to develop support and significantly aid our ability to get together as and when required all support for Remain issues.

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The Alliance - Where did it come from?

The Suffolk EU Alliance is a cross-party initiative bringing together, in the first instance, residents and business from Suffolk and East Anglia in order to discuss all matters pertaining to the leaving or indeed remaining in the EU as the nation considers Brexit. It came about from the initial and ongoing membership of the Facebook page 'The 48%' with the local page being known as 'The 48%-Suffolk Coastal'.

As the vote was so tight, advisory and troublesome in
its pre amble, with statistics of:

Remain: 16,141,241 (48.1%)
  Leave: 17,410,742 (51.9%)

then it seemed to be all the more challenging that the Government, who were essentially pro-Remain in their message, have since this announcement decided to 'full steam ahead' the UK's departure of the European Union, however low the majority and on our leaving don't wish to have an accommodating exit but are progressing towards a 'hard' exit.

Post the Brexit Referendum result millions of people were concerned, upset and shocked as to the fact that with only this small margin the Government chose to prepare for the UK's departure and it was at this stage many vocal, caring and concerned UK residents took up the challenge of discussing all matters EU. This included if, indeed, a U-turn might be made in order to stay in the EU.

It was at this point, only a few weeks post-referendum that the energy of Suffolk started to come together. The journey is long and now that the Article 50 notice has been triggered, the nation is in full swing at working out a plan to leave. But on what terms?

Through our page at 48% Suffolk Coastal  and the Alliance - we have developed a method of the bringing together of remain voters and  non-remain voters - the young and EU immigrants with no right to vote, not to mention businesses and educational institutions who are all concerned about all matters BREXIT.

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