A Big Welcome To Our Contacts Page

The Alliance is made up of an entire network of wonderful volunteers with the same interests, concerns and goals. We do have a committee of varied folks, and they meet every other week to sustain the progress that the Alliance needs to make at this busy and interesting time.

You will see many of them at our General Meetings at the pub or other events, if you wish to contact them individually do go ahead by sending an email to: suffolkeu@gmail.com  making reference to the person you wish the email to be forwarded on to. If you feel that you might like to join the Alliance at committee level, or one of the smaller action teams, do so - the more proaction we have, the more our energy goes forth.

 Photograph by Giles Croucher

Photograph by Giles Croucher


Stationery Store

We have the following merchandise available:

  • Post cards - FOC
  • Leaflets - FOC
  • Badges 

Badge Sales:
Badge x 77m sales inc. postage - donation of £3 or more.
Round blue badge with yellow star detail & words,

'REMAIN is SO not over
Suffolk EU Alliance'

To purchase, send your request to jackie5668@aol.com