Why not subscribe to The New European?

For those who wish to promote pro-European journalism.

If you want to help the remain cause in a small, but significant way, then go out and buy a copy of 'The New European' weekly newspaper/magazine (http://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/home). Even better, take out a subscription; it will only cost you £1 per week to start with. And it would be wonderful if you could then persuade someone else to do the same either in Suffolk or elsewhere in the country or preferably both. If the circulation of 'The New European' were to rise it would send a powerful message to politicians that the tide is turning. You may say that you do not have time to read another newspaper (or any newspaper at all!), but can we suggest you look at it another way. Just by buying the paper, even if you do not read it, you will be helping the remain cause with very little effort. You may also find the paper is not to your taste. But buy it anyway and then email The New European to tell them ( the editor Matt Kelly has asked* for reader feedback, both good and bad, by emailing him directly at matt.kelly@archant.co.uk) what you do not like and what changes you would like to see. An email staring off by saying “ I am really pro EU and have become a subscriber to support the cause. I was hoping to be so pleased with your paper that I would want to make my subscription permanent and persuade my friends to subscribe as well, but.......” And then, what do you do with your print copy after you have finished with it? Why not give it to a friend/acquaintance or if you wish to be more discrete, why not leave it somewhere : pub, cafe, doctor's surgery, library , bus, train etc. Of course, some of you may prefer the digital version. I expect there are places in cyber space where you can leave your copy when you have finished with it. So. go on and subscribe. Its not all a serious read, and you will it quite therapeutic. To see what Brexit might mean see http://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/brexit-is-about-the-rich-reesmoggs-of-britain-not-anyone-else-1-4896702 * see issue 75 Thursday 14th Dec 2017 pp 4-5