Our message is simple - as a group we are
Promoting the values of remaining as a member of the EU


Let us now look at the purpose of the Alliance. We consider its focus to be four fold, the core theme being that each of us really wishes and/or would prefer to remain as an active member of the EU. The Alliance also endorses a preference as a group to retain the countries that we hold dear for so many reasons - that being N. Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

To develop the Alliance we had to swiftly find a common message, a kindness and an accommodating language that would work for everyone as this Alliance would be bringing together so many different and varied individuals all of whom have the same desires, yet come from so many political stand points.

The Alliance looks, therefore to be, a sincere and considered clustering together of all those who are concerned about our nation's position in the EU and the impacts that being 'in' or 'out' may bring. Whilst the challenges that Brexit brings are very sophisticated, varied and all-consuming, we look to make the model for how the Alliance operates to be as simple as possible.


Here are the four focus points:

Bringing Together Of Like Minds
A local central point for Remain voters and those concerned about the Brexit outcome to focus their thoughts and energies. By developing the
Alliance this gives an opportunity to run a data log of names, addresses and good contact numbers so that if required of us, we are able to take action
as a group.

The Meeting Of Those Minds
Through a simple but accommodating support network the group looks to meet every other week in a local venue. This meeting gives rise to news, views, education, local issues and, which is proving really important, fellowship at this time. This project is likely to be rolled out across the county. 

Events For The Alliance And Its friends
Organised events and experiences for Alliance supporters and members to attend, whilst also attracting new members and giving rise to the greater debate (kindly read up on upcoming meetings in our Events tab).

The Voice Of The Alliance
By bringing together so many concerned people we are able to have a more significant voice to lobby locally, in the House of Commons, in the House of Lords and with the local press.

Too often we hear that Brexit is a done deal... as far as the Alliance is concerned Remain is SO not over.

Where do we stand politically?

Whilst it could be considered controversial to suggest for any one person's vote to be influenced, the perspective of the alliance is to support and encourage tactical voting in order to sustain a positive presence of those parties who openly support positive EU engagement. Whilst many of the parties have candidates at local and national level that are pro-remain there are only a handful of political parties that are openly endorsing this stance. 

It is for this reason that in Suffolk the Suffolk EU Alliance particularly look to support the local liberal democratic party and the Green Party.